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AdminiTrack Links Development Teams

(Atlanta, GA - April 25- 2003) - Editor, XSP News - While many firms find global outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing a means to end, the difficulties of providing a uniform, collaborative work environment can be challenging says Atlanta-based AdminiTrack.

Beginning it's own product development efforts in 1999, company co-founder and President Krishen Kota tells XSP News "We saw a need to help companies focus on developing quality software, rather than maintenance and support for client-sever or locally hosted defect tracking development environments.

AdminiTrack's ASP portal product allows developers, consultants and project management teams to centrally track and report defects (or bugs) bridging the gap now common between remote development teams operating in a global project management environment.

As India for example has become a hot-spot for application development, many project team leads find the time-change can be a drain on development and project management resources - especially where centralized communication, reporting and remediation of defect tracking is concerned.

Taking Adminitrack for a test-drive, XSP News found the software easy to navigate between multiple user-defined projects, and includes custom or optional data-required fields ideal for development teams that need to communicate specific and consistent information between users.

The software additionally supports uploads to an online document library, automated export of issues, online reporting and statistics, and AdminiTrack is highly-configurable with its email notifications an optional co-branded interface.

Mr Kota continued, "AdminiTrack can link development teams anywhere, and is quite useful for consulting firms with a defined need for centralized reporting and communicating defects and remediation issues among a dispersed group of developers".

Advanced search capabilities of the AdminiTrack allow end-users to track, monitor and view archived or pending issues assigned to a particular individual or project with custom-tailored filters that can quickly detail and highlight project status types and differentiation between test, production, quality control and production operating environments.

AdminiTrack currently supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and above - and Netscape 6.0 and Firefox 2+, and account maintenance settings allow for the establishment of "roles" for individual users, each with custom-tailored user settings.

ASP prices begin at $59.95 per month for 5 Users, 1000 MB of attachment space and unlimited projects, issue and free technical support.

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