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Tour of Product Features


High-level overview of issue statistics

Quick Stats

Quick Stats presents high-level view of issue statistics in a dashboard format. Two different views are available, one for account-wide statistics and another personal view that limits the stats to your own activity.

Standard and custom filters

Custom Filters

Users may quickly locate the issues they need using several standard filters. For a more targeted search, Custom Filters offer additional query options. Each user may define and name their own filters to help locate issues of interest. You may even share your custom filters with other users if desired.

Custom fields

Custom Fields Offer Flexibility

Many standard fields may be renamed or hidden, if they do not suit your purpose. If you need more specialization, you may define up to 15 custom fields.

Project-specific email notifications

Powerful Email Notifications

Notifications are both powerful and customizable. You may use the default settings, and then later customize per project based on current activity.

Customize forms

Issue and Resolution Forms

The Form Manager allows you to display as few or as many fields on the Issue and Resolution forms as needed. You may also specify the display order of the fields on each form.

Project-specific values for lookup fields

Lookup Fields

You may define your own values for lookup fields, and they available to all projects by default. You may also specify the values available to each project.