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Commonly Asked Questions about Features


Does AdminiTrack support multiple projects?

Yes, AdminiTrack supports unlimited projects at no additional cost.


Can I create custom fields?

Yes, you can create up to 15 custom fields.


Can I upload attachments?

Yes, attachments may be uploaded to an individual issue or to the Document Library.


We can replace the AdminiTrack logo in the upper left corner of the application with your corporate logo at no additional cost. If you would like us to add your logo to your account, send an email to with your logo attached. For best results, send a GIF file 70 pixels high by 145 pixels wide. Alternatively, you can include a URL to a page which displays your logo, and our graphics team will make sure it is resized to the appropriate dimensions and added to your account.   Learn more...


Does AdminiTrack offer the ability to export issue data?

Yes. The first option is to export your issue and comment/history records on demand using the Export Data feature. Another option allows us to extract and email your issue data to you in password-protected, Excel spreadsheet on a weekly basis. There is a fee of US $19.99 per month for this service. Please contact to request this option.


Are automated email notifications supported?

Yes. AdminiTrack provides flexible, user-defined control over when they receive email notifications. Notifications may be customized for each project, and notifications can be sent to anyone, including non-AdminiTrack users. You may also send one-time email notifications with a message to other users or choose to be notified when specific issues are modified.