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Display Your Logo in the Application

AdminiTrack offers the ability to display your corporate logo within the application. This feature keeps your corporate identity in front of your customers and clients and is especially powerful for consulting companies who provide a value-added service for their clients. The logo is visible to all users within the AdminiTrack application. Here is how it works:

  • Send us your logo in GIF format at 145 pixels wide and 70 pixels high for best results. We will upload the graphic to your account.
  • When any user from your account logs into AdminiTrack, they will see your company logo in the upper left corner instead of AdminiTrack's.
  • We can also redirect users to your corporate website after clicking on your logo.

Co-branding with your corporate logo

What benefit does this provide?

  • IT consulting companies can offer AdminiTrack as a value-added service to your clients. As they use the system, they will see your corporate logo and be reminded that your company is the one providing this great service. Your clients can now submit and track issues on all their projects from your company. That alone can you give you an immediate edge over the competition and keeps the requests coming!
  • For in-house users, it reflects pride in the corporate mission and helps make AdminiTrack feel like an in-house application. In addition, users who click on the logo can be redirected to your corporate intranet, website or wherever you prefer.

Do I have to be a paid subscriber?

  • No. Trial accounts may add their logo, as well.

How do I get our logo into AdminiTrack?

  • Send an email to requesting that we add your logo to your account. Please include your account number.
  • Include the logo as an attachment in GIF format at 145 pixels wide and 70 pixels high for best results. Alternatively, you can include a URL to a page which displays your logo, and our graphics team will make sure it is resized to the appropriate dimensions.
  • If you have a corporate URL, you may provide that as well. Users will be redirected to your site after clicking on your logo.
  • Once the logo has been uploaded to your account, the requestor will receive a confirmation email.